Hi, I’m MJ! I used to be a comic artist & illustrator living in Glasgow, making comics about life, cool animals, ghosts and much more.

I still live in Glasgow, but due to developing a pretty intense chronic illness (The condition in question, if you’re curious, is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis aka ME aka CFS aka “RIP my previous life”) I have had to put my comic and illustration work on a permanent hiatus. When I’m able to I hope to still design pins and other stuff here and there, but it all depends on my health and how much I can manage. Nowadays my speed is less “grinding out art” and more “resting in a recliner with some knitting”. It’s been an extreme change, but one I’ve adapted too. I’m still a massive nerd who loves ttrpgs, video games, making stuff, and baked goods, though. Some things never change 🙂

My work has appeared in publications such as BBC’s The Social, The Skinny, Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur and TGC (Scotland’s all-female comics anthology) and I also self-published my own books.
These self-published projects include the “31 Witches” art book, and an autobio book called “Bi The Way”. “Bi The Way” is about realising you’re bisexual in your mid-twenties, and everything that goes along with that!

I also used to be one of the hosts of the excellent Angel Two – A Feminist Star Trek Podcast. Go check it out!

Full List Of Publications:
Sink – Dead Meat (Short comic, written by Iain McGarry, featured in the comic Sink written by John Lees and drawn by Alex Cormack, 2019)
Bi The Way (Self Published Graphic Novel, 2017)
That Girl Comic (Anthology Submission, 2017)
31 Witches (Self Published Art Book, 2017)
TGC Issue 12 (Anthology Submission, 2016)
Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur #7 (Zine Submission, 2016)
Sif Fox Fighter (Self Published Graphic Novel, 2015)
TGC Issue 11 (Anthology Submission, 2015)
BBC’s The Social (Illustration Work, 2015)
Rollerskates & Breakfast Dates – The Webcomic (The comic continued as a weekly webstrip, 2014 – Present)
Rollerskates & Breakfast Dates – The Book (Self Published Graphic Novel, 2014)
TGC Issue 10 (Anthology Submission, 2014)
Sleep OF Reason (Short Webcomic, 2014)
Haunter Gonna Haunt (Self Published Graphic Novel, 2013)
TGC Issue 9 (Anthology Submission, 2013)
The Skinny Magazine (Comic Strip Submission, 2013)
TGC Issue 8 (Anthology Submission, 2013)
TGC Issue 6 (Anthology Submission, 2012)
GLoW Volume 2 (Anthology Submission, 2012)
TGC Issue 5 (Anthology Submission, 2012)
Reads Anthology Vol 1 #3 (Anthology Submission, 2012)
Reads Anthology Vol 1 #2 (Anthology Submission, 2012)
TGC Issue 4 (Anthology Submission, 2012)