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Hi everyone,

I’m (mostly) recovered from the creative burnout I went through after Bi The Way, so I want to try and start regularly updating this thing. I figured it might be good to just give a little info on where I’m at right now and what I’m gonna be working on in the future. So here it goes…

Bi The Way
BTW has been succesfully launched and is doing well. I had started it just to have a book out while working on my fiction script (which, uh, I really need to start working on again. More on that later) so the fact it’s taken off the way it has came kind of as a shock. It ended up feeling a bit like a runaway train. Honestly? It still does in some ways – being asked to speak on panels and having strangers at conventions recognise the project from social media is a very surreal experience.
I’ll be doing the convention rounds with it, and I’m wanting to start travelling to events farther afield (Travel costs have meant I’ve mostly stuck to Scotland and North England until now). Maybe London? Who knows.

I’m also working on getting BTW on Amazon and Comixology, and researching how to promote it to libraries. Having it in a school library would basically be my dream, but to one person working from their flat the world of publishing and distribution for that sort of thing is pretty intimidating… I’ll get there someday.

Here’s something that’s pretty cool – I now have my website’s shop up and running! So far it has physical and digital copies of Bi The Way available, plus the stickers & enamel pin I designed as rewards for the indiegogo. I’m planning on getting physical and digital copies of all my other books up there too, and will be using it as my main commerce hub going forward. Have a browse at:

Future Plans
So this is what I’m gonna be focusing on, on top of continuing to develop and promote Bi The Way:

Rollerskates & Breakfast Dates – I updated my webcomic last week, for the first time in several months. I really like running a weekly comic and the consistent deadlines and work habits that it builds, so I want to keep it going. The only issue is, well, Bi The Way was such a personal project and I put so much of myself into it that… I’m kind of tired of making comics about myself? I guess on some level I feel like no other autobio comic I make will be as good, or that I’ve “used up” all my fuel for that kind of work. I don’t know. But I don’t want to stop the webcomic, so for now I’m gonna plug away at it. Maybe the more I do it again the more easy it will feel. Maybe I need to change the format of it a bit, like drawing it traditionally instead of digitally to help me work on different artistic methods. It’s going to be a process, but I don’t want to give up on it. I guess we’ll figure it out together???

The Fiction Script – Speaking of being tired of autobio comics… I really want to get stuck into trying to write this thing again. If you’ve read Bi The Way, then you might remember the mage RPG character mentioned in it? I’m working on a story about her. It’s gonna be a long one, so my plan at the moment is to run it as a webcomic. I’m very excited and very terrified about it. Writing is hard, you guys, and so I’ve been procrastinating on this project forever (Like, that’s literally how Bi The Way came to be). So far I have a story outline, and a first draft of the first major scene. I’m gonna work on developing out the characters and world for a bit, but then I need to get back to the nitty gritty of it all. I’m so used to working on short and autobio comics (My process for them is simply jotting down some thumbnails and then drawing the finished thing) that trying to write a long-form fiction comic feels like learning how to draw with my left hand. So, uh, bear with me I guess.

Inktober & Video Content – I had a blast doing Inktober last year, so I definitely want to try it again. I’m thinking of going with the theme “RPG Characters”, as I’ve been wanting to do a series of drawings about all of mine for a long time. I have enough of my own to fill about half the month, and I’m thinking I’ll get folk to give me suggestions for the rest of it…

I’ve been dabbling off & on with video content (Youtube channel is here) and that’s something I really want to do more of going forward. I’ll definitely film some or all of my inktober drawings, and if I can get the internet connection and set-up to livestream I’d love to try and start doing that too. Lots to work on, but I’m excited to get stuck into non-diary-comic stuff. I want to work on different art skillsets, so doing painting videos etc. will be very helpful for that.

I’d love to hear your thoughts/opinions on what you’d like to see from me going forward, so feel free to reply and let me know! Would you like to see more painting videos, or do you just refer seeing finished art pieces? Would tutorials & slower process videos be helpful? Would you want to come hang on a livestream with me while I draw? Let me know what you think!

Peace out, -MJ